TouchThinkLearn Homes

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We can’t remember board books being reviewed—much less ecstatically—in sites ranging from The New York Times to Apartment Therapy (see below), but once we opened the groundbreaking TouchThinkLearn books, we understood the kudos.  Combining scooped-out die-cuts with raised, shaped elements, each book gives the youngest learners a chance to explore in a hands-on, multisensory way.  Seeing an image, tracing its shape, saying its name stimulates understanding of essential concepts.  “Homes” includes an igloo, lighthouse, tree house, barn, apartment building, tent, and a castle, along with related vocabulary words on each page to help parents engage their little one.   The motto of this groundbreaking series is “to touch is to experience; to experience is to learn.”  The groundbreaking TouchThinkLearn books give early learning new dimension.  Ages 3 and up.

“The next big thing for early learners.”—Daily Candy Kids

“I have not been surprised by a book's design in quite a while. Then I opened up these books by Xavier Deneux.”—Apartment Therapy

“Visual and tactile elegance that will appeal to eyes and hands.”—The New York Times

“The pages feel like works of art or interactive sculpture, designed to encourage kids to engage with the books in a multi-sensory way.”—Cool Mom Picks

“A bold, graphic and tactile introduction to colors.”—Kirkus Reviews

“Hugely successful in encouraging playful, hands-on exploration.”—The Horn Book

7.25” x 7.25”  20 pages

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