Mr. Bear's ABC

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From Apricots to Zeppelin, Mr. Bear takes young children on an alphabet journey like no other. This witty oversized book (with thick pages, but not a board book) introduces memorable animals and objects that will engage young children and help them learn words and the alphabet.

Not surprisingly, it won Best Children's Book of the Year by Parents Magazine.    We can’t help but think the judges—like those of us who are parents as well as editors—are delighted that the book features words that are beyond the ho-hum nouns and verbs usually used in early childhood books. Car, hop, ball, chair, shoe, cat—enough already! We love it that among the “C” words in this whimsical alphabet book is “cockatoo.” We love that one of the “H” illustrations is harp. One of the “L” words is lightning. Some of the Os: olive trees, octopus, and oasis. Qs: quail, quilt, question mark. The writer/illustrator does what we want every word book to do: convey the idea that words are exciting.

The colors of the illustrations leap beyond the customary primary palette, too, with orange, chartreuse, purples, gold, grays, and hot pink a welcome departure from red, royal blue, yellow. This is a book that’s fun for parents as well as children. Perfect for baby showers and early birthdays, this gifty volume is a welcome addition to any child's library.

 58 pages; hardcover  8” x 12.25"

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