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It's an all-purpose lap desk that has you covered, whether you are working on a notebook or laptop computer, writing, or drawing. The Student™ Lap Desk makes homework a tad easier on every scholar. While we like all the lap desks we offer, we appreciate that this is a little lighter in weight  (only 1 lb.) and smaller than the others, but it still does the job. Even has a little spot on the top to place your thumb drive. Surface size is 15-1/4" x 12-1/4" and weighs 1 lb. with an easy carrying notch. Available in Blue or Black. You don't have to be a student to appreciate this particular lap desk. 

Both have two micro-fleece bolster pads filled with micro-beads on the bottom of the lap desk to provide comfort and balance.

Read below for the reasons a lap desk should be used when you are not using your computer on a desktop.

A recent article in The New York Times adds this reason to use a lap desk:
“You’d be surprised how many people unknowingly damage their computers, said Derek Meister, a technician for the Geek Squad…A classic mistake, Mr. Meister said, is using a laptop on your lap. Despite the name, a laptop should be operated on a flat and firm surface so that it rests on the four little nubs usually found on the base. A lap desk or even a large enough book will suffice. The point is to allow air to circulate around the machine. Letting a laptop rest on your thighs—or worse, sink into a cushy comforter…causes overheating, a major cause of component failure in computers. Using a laptop on a less-than-flat surface can also put the hard drive at an awkward angle, which can also cause damage.”

Blue (a fun color)
Black (never out of style)

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