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Clip Art: 20 Historical Paper Clips

Clip Art: 20 Historical Paper Clips

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"Today, most of us take the standard paper clip for granted, but Clip Art, a collection of alternative fasteners, suggests it wasn't always so. Included are 10 different designs pulled from patent records of the late 19th and early 20th centuries." — New York Times Gift Guide

This set of 20 paper clips--two each of ten designs--is based on designs found in historical patent records from 1897 to 1910.  They’re packaged in a stylish wallet envelope featuring both silver and gold stamping. Each clip is shown on the cover along with the year of design. A lively and informative mini-history of the paper clip is included, ranging from Louis XV's demand for a better way to organize the papers used in his court, to Samuel B. Fay, who, in 1867 registered a clip made by bending a piece of flexible steel wire.

A sophisticated gift, these clips will appeal to designers, vintage-lovers, stationery obsessives, and anyone looking for witty and functional desk accessories.

Clip Art is a collaboration between Princeton Architectural Press and Present & Correct, a stationery store in London which has become the ultimate source for paper and office items both new and vintage.

Twenty paper clips, two each of ten designs; in silver- and brass-colored wire; packaged in a presentation wallet.

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