Emily Dickinson Holiday Card

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British artist Amanda White has produced a series of notecards and holiday cards featuring her cut paper collages of historic houses of writers and poets. On the back of each card is printed a brief essay relating the dates the author lived in the house, what works were created there, and other information about the location, including what he or she loved about the setting and how it inspired creativity.  The entire description from the back of the card can be read below.

Full Moon, Softly Driving Snow

The Homestead, in Amherst, Massachusetts, was the home of the reclusive poet Emily Dickinson who was born here on December 10, 1830. This stylish townhouse was where Dickinson spent most of her life and where she composed almost 1,800 poems although only ten are known to have been published — all of them anonymously — in her lifetime.  A keen gardener and nature lover, Emily’s fondness for taking solitary walks in the surrounding woods and fields prompted her father to present her with an enormous Newfoundland dog, Carlo, whom she fondly described as her “shaggy ally”.

Pack of 8 cards and envelopes, one design, blank inside; 5” x 7”

Artist’s note: “I love: folk art and history, Staffordshire pottery, old textiles and plates, gardens, broadsheet woodcuts, Blake, Douanier Rousseau, Kahlo, Alfred Wallis, Ravilious, Bawden, the Romantic movement, browsing in books, mooching in museums, Sussex, old buildings, cats, the sea... Exhibitions include group and solo shows in the UK, Spain, and New York.”


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