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Kaweco Retro Fountain Pen

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We have added another fountain pen to our offerings of the esteemed Kaweco line: the Retro.  Kaweco pens epitomize two essential features of a fine writing instrument: classic good looks and a beautifully smooth “write” (ink flows effortlessly). 

The Retro is made of high-quality resin reminiscent of Bakelite, in sophisticated colors that remind us of hues one would see in old movies, or on vintage automobiles, or on the walls of historic houses—colors that are just a little bit “off” of what one would expect, but in the best way. The green has a bit of gray, the royal blue is a touch muted, the berry a nuanced red, the orange not at all harsh, the brown rather subdued.

The medium nib is stainless steel, and the stylish embellishments are a discreet gold “button” on the end of the cap, a gold-colored clip, and a handsome gold band.  The body is comfortable to hold and has a screw-on cap. Made in Germany.

A box of 6 Midnight Blue refills is included.

The Retro is packaged in a gold tin box with a beautiful classic design.

Available colors: Green/Ivory, Blue/Ivory, Berry/Ivory, Orange/Ivory, Brown/Ivory.  

Dimensions: 0.5” (diameter) x Length: 5.15” cap closed; 6.25" cap posted on body

Kaweco is a renowned maker of writing instruments, originally founded in Germany in 1889. The company’s first product was a wood dip pen.

The Retro style is also available as a rollerball.

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