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The Art of Instruction: 100 Postcards of Vintage Educational Charts

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In the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, these gorgeous illustrations, found on educational charts, inspired students to appreciate the wonders of nature, science, and the world around them.  Now they can be appreciated anew in this set of 100 postcards. The text is in French.

Divided into four categories—anatomy, botany, zoology, and miscellany—the postcards are beautifully printed on heavy stock. The box that holds them is itself a beauty—a skillfully engineered flip-top box with a deep persimmon-colored top and detailed, colorful illustrations on all sides. The source of the illustration and the date of publication are on the back of each card. Inside, index tabs divide the postcards by category:


Including charts of ferns, mushrooms, tulips, sunflowers, buttercups, pines, leaves, tulips, poppies, narcissi, onions, and many more.


Including charts of whales, starfish, coral, bats, butterflies, bees, horses, snails, frogs, spiders, bunnies, elephants, and many more.


Including charts of the kitchen, kitchen implements, housekeeping, traffic signs, maps, scissors, hammers, and many more.


Including charts of the body, skeleton, muscles, bones, respiration, vision, and many more.

Each postcard is 3.75” x 5.5”. 100 postcards, each a different illustration.

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