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Books and Ladders Classic Board Game

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The Books & Ladders Classic Board Game is a bookish version of the classic Snakes & Ladders, which is often one of the first games introduced to children and appropriate for ages three and up. The game board features a book lover’s shelf, with ladders that take you up, and bookmark ribbons (instead of snakes) taking you down.

The object of the game is to be the first person to reach square 100. The game is entirely determined by the roll of the dice, so players make no strategic decisions—they simply need to know how to count. Researchers in developmental science found the game to be of value for pre-schoolers to practice learning numbers and counting.

Snakes and Ladders originated in ancient India and made its way to England during the nineteenth century.

The whimsical illustration is by Korean Artist Hyesu Lee.

The game includes a game board, 4 wooden game pieces, 2 standard dice, and instructions. 

For 2-4 players. Ages 3+

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