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Sunprint Kit

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Sunprint® paper makes photographic-type prints using nothing more than sunshine (light) and water. Simply collect items (leaves, flowers, a key, a shell . . . the choices are endless, and the fun is in the arranging) and place them on the special paper. Then, expose the paper to light for two to five minutes until the paper turns almost white. Rinse the Sunprint in water and watch: the outline of the objects that eclipse the sun’s light will show up in white, and the rest of the paper will turn a vibrant blue. Finally, lay the Sunprint flat on an absorbent surface and allow it to dry. 

The kit includes fifteen sheets of large (12" x 8") photo-sensitive paper, a clear acrylic sheet, instructions, and ideas for further activities.

Sunprints are enjoyed by preschoolers through teens and adults—anyone who enjoys creative activities. Originally developed in 1975 as a teaching tool by educators at the Lawrence Hall of Science at UC Berkeley, Sunprints (or cyanotypes, or photograms) are easy art projects and can also be used for science experiments. The kit includes descriptions of dozens of activities, with step-by-step instructions.  

Sunprinting is based on the cyanotype process, which has been used by artists since its development in the 19th century.

All proceeds from the sale of Sunprint kits continue to aid the mission of the UCB Lawrence Hall of Science to inspire and foster the learning of science and mathematics for all. Sunprints have been featured in The New York TimesMartha Stewart Living, on CBS, and more. 

Fifteen 8" x 12" sheets; an acrylic overlay.

Ages 6 through adult (younger than 6 with assistance)

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