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New York City Almanac and Planner, 2023

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For New Yorkers, New Yorkers at heart, anyone who has ever visited New York, anyone who is longing to visit New York…be assured, you don’t have to be a resident of the five boroughs to appreciate the Almanac of New York City.

Much like the city itself, the Almanac is packed, overflowing, and brimming with wit, whimsy, humor, frustration, optimism, irony, affection, and all the rest. Not only is it an event calendar and planner, but it’s much, much more—one might say a daily dose of adrenalin and municipal pride.  

Yes, it’s a day-by-day guide to the coming year in NYC: cultural events, holidays, historical anniversaries, weather predictions, the night sky. Each week gets its own page, with enough space to record your own appointments.

But that’s just for starters. Each month opens with an essay that sets the mood for the coming weeks—it could be a nostalgic piece on the history of the city’s skating rinks, or on the feast of San Gennaro (“…more than just a chance to eat fried dough and ride a Ferris wheel in the middle of the street…”). In addition, you’ll find recommendations for a Gotham-related Book of the Month and Movie of the Month, with a brief description of each.

Each week opens with a quote about the city by a notable person (from Anais Nin and Jay Z to Frank O’Hara and Cecil Beaton). The daily notations range from factual to lyrical.

A sampling of a week in August :

August 16, 1974: The Ramones play their first gig—at CBGB.

August 17, 1943: Robert De Niro is born in Greenwich Village.

August 18: Kweendom comedy night at Pete’s Candy Store

August 19, 1936: Mayor LaGuardia honors Yankee Lou Gehrig for playing his 1,800th successive game.

August 20, 1893: 800 anarchists, including Emma Goldman, meet at Covenant Hall, 56 Orchard St.

August 22 ,1989: John F. Kennedy Jr. rides the subway to work on his first day as an assistant district attorney.

August 23, 1997: The first day of Venus Willliams’s first U. S. Open at Arthur Ashe Stadium in Queens.

August 26, 1974: Robert Moses issues a 3,500-word rebuttal to Robert Caro’s The Power Broker.

August 27: New York Tugboat Race


Paperbound, 7" x 4.25", 1/4" thick. 


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