Anagram Game

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Anagram is a fast-paced, exciting and challenging game for anyone who loves playing with words.

Players compete to collect as many words as possible, either by using new letters as they are revealed or by spotting anagrams and poaching their opponents’ words.

The game starts with 90 letter tiles placed face-down in easy reach of all the players. One after the other, players turn over one for all the players to see. As soon as any player spots a word that can be made from some or all of the turned-up letters, he/she calls out the word, picks up and arranges the tiles required to spell the word. If any player can make an anagram of an entire word belonging to any other player, or can make a new word by adding extra letters to an existing word, he/she can call out the new word and claim the necessary letters. The game continues with the player who has just made a word turning up the next tile.

For example:

A player spots four up-turned letters can spell STAR. Another player might then shout out the anagram RATS. The play continues with players turning up tiles one by one. An E might be revealed and the word changes to RATES. Another player might see an M and call out STREAM. Another player spots that MASTER can be made from STREAM and so poaches a competitor’s word.

Play is fast and furious and fortunes can change right up to the end.

Age 8+

For 2-8 Players


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