Edward Gorey Neglected Murderesses Notecards

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Presented with tongue firmly in cheek, Neglected Murderesses features delightfully wicked specimens of “the fairer sex” whose homicidal acts have faded into obscurity, including bowler-turned-basher Miss Q. P. Urkheimer and chocked-hook skewered Mrs. Daisy Sallow. If not for the sleuthing of Edward Gorey (American, 1925-2000), whose fearless rehabilitation of better-known murderers such as Dracula, the Wuggly Upm, and the malfeasants presented in PBS’s Mystery! earned the admiration of countless law-abiding citizens, we might have gone to our graves without a proper appreciation of the important part women have played in the history of homicide. 

20 notecards with 20 envelopes, 5 each of 4 designs, packaged in a sturdy decorated box.  5” x 7”.

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