Edward Gorey Postcard Book

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Creator of more than one hundred works—from a wealth of droll, darkly hilarious books to the animated opening sequence of the PBS television series Mystery!—the artist and author Edward Gorey (American, 1925-2000) once said that he thought it best if we all felt “uneasy most of the time…because that’s what the world is like.”

What better way to promote this end than to send one of these thirty postcards, each with an enigmatic, quintessentially Goreyesque image. There are shadowy, haunted adults, forever on the verge of some mysterious errand; children with baleful faces about to confront their unhappy fates; creatures of untraceable biological lineage. Included are illustrations—many featuring mysterious letters being sent and received—from Mystery!, as well as from The Twelve Terrors of Christmas by John Updike, Leaves from a Mislaid Album, a drawing for National Postcard Week, and many untitled treasures.

Thirty detachable postcards, 6-1/2” x 4-3/4“

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