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New York City ABC Wrapping Paper

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The hand-drawn illustrations on this wrapping paper celebrate people, places, things, and events that make New York City New York City. The quirky choices that illustrate each letter of the alphabet are part of the immense charm of this all-occasion wrapping paper: A is for Alternate Side of the Street Parking, C is for Central Park Zoo Penguin Pile Up, S is for Schlepping. Use it for baby presents for newborns, birthday presents for kids, and all gifts for teens through octogenarians—it never fails to delight the recipient.

Three sheets of wrapping paper flat; matte printed with brilliant hues; blank on back.

Three sheets of wrapping paper flat; matte printed with brilliant hues; blank on back.

Each sheet measures 19" x 27.5"

Designed and printed in New York City by a team of artists, illustrators, production specialists, and “biscuit nibblers” in a small independent studio located above the bakeries on 36th Street in Brooklyn. The studio’s motto is “Anything worth saying is better said on paper.”


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