Romantic Poets Floral Postcards

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The designers of this beautiful postcard set have paired lines from the Romantic poets with bold florals—a nod to the pastoral imagery and reverence for nature that inspired their work. The designers’ partner in crime? A dog-eared Norton Anthology of British Literature. The Romantic poets championed imagination above reason and shared a youthful exuberance for nature. They believed nature had restorative powers, and used poetry to elevate the everyday to the extraordinary. Twenty-four postcards with 12 quotes, two each of 12 designs:

“That voice of unpretending harmony.” —William Wordsworth

“Unfathomable deeps, blue as the overhanging heaven.” —Percy Shelley

“Lone splendor hung aloft the night.” —John Keats

“The enamored rustic worships its fair hues.” —Samuel Coleridge

“Pleasure in the pathless woods.” —Lord Byron

“Love is such that rivers cannot quench.” —Anne Bradstreet

“And wash the dusk with silver.” —William Blake

“Which wakens melody in the silent chords.” —Mary Shelley

“Why has happiness no second spring?” —Charlotte Smith

“That is sweetly played in tune.” —Robert Burns

“All that wit and art suggest to bend.” —Anna Barbauld

“And hours so sweet.” —Joanna Baillie

Size: 4-1/4" x 6"
Paper: Heavy, premium archival paper, milled and printed in New York
Finish: Matte, slightly textured
Container: Tab-lock, resealable

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