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Shakespeare Parlor Game

Shakespeare Parlor Game

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 Whether you’re a Bardolator who can practically recite all of Shakespeare from memory, or have barely skimmed his works, you can participate in this clever party game. 

The trick is to complete a modern sentence by inserting an appropriate Shakespearean word or phrase. The game begins with each player being dealt ten white response cards. On each response card is a word or phrase taken directly from Shakespeare. One player, the “judge,” then reads a prompt card—the modern sentence to be completed—to the group. The other players then fill in the blank with a phrase from one of the response cards that have been dealt to them. The judge then picks the most plausible phrase, and the player who has put that phrase forward wins the hand. The first player to win ten hands wins the game. This game is similar to the very popular Apples to Apples, but with a literary aspect.

The Parlor Game includes 100 prompt cards and 400 response cards—enough to play the game many dozens, even hundreds, of times. For 4 or more players, Ages 14+.


Examples of prompts: 

“Never judge a book by __________.”

“Actions speak louder than __________.”

”It’s always darkest before __________.”

“Wealthy women are usually better at finances than __________.”

“She wanted a dog but ended up getting a pet  __________ instead."

“Most people fear public speaking. I fear __________.”

“ __________ has served as an inspiration for my portrait painting”

“Why would people choose to have children when they could have __________ instead?"

“It’s true! I heard it straight from __________."


Examples of phrase cards:

“Ruthless waves, with sands and rocks”

“His only heir”

“Drums and trumpets!” 


“An acre of barren ground”

“Wither’d roots and husks"

“An earthquake!”

“Strange bed-fellows”

“Some sailor’s wife"

“Notions of dignity” 

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