Leather Eyeglass Lanyard

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The weak link, so to speak, on any eyeglass retainer is the rubber loop at each end, which secures the eyeglasses to a chain, necklace, or, in this case, lanyard. If the lanyard is well made (and ours is superbly crafted), the rubber loops often are the first to wear out, leaving it useless. This retainer’s innovative design allows the loops to easily be replaced—and we include an extra pair so you can do just that—to extend the lanyard's life. The loops provide a secure fit on all sizes of eyeglass and sunglass arms.

The lanyard is chestnut brown braided leather with antiqued brass ends and antique brown slider eyeglass holder clips. A handsome choice for a man, we consider this a unsex item; it looks great on women, especially with jeans or casual clothes. The braided leather cord is 3mm thick.

The 27-inch lanyard is clasp-less for ease and simplicity—just slip it over your head, no fumbling with an eye and hook.

A customer writes: “What sets these apart is the construction of the ends where the glasses arms attach. This has a clasp which allows changing the rubber loops that attach to the glasses. Most I've purchased get weak and break over time. These are built with much thicker rubber, sturdier and come with extra rubber attachments...it's like having spare tires, if you blow one, replace it and don't have to pitch the entire "chain". WELL DONE! Will purchase more.”

Handmade, in the USA.

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