Decorated Papers Notebooks

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These three paperback notebooks feature reproductions—one on the front and back cover and one on the inside covers—of remarkable decorated papers dating from the 16th to the 20th century, and now housed in the British Library. The papers were produced for a wide variety of uses: as wrappers and endpapers for books, as the backing for playing cards, and as linings for chests and cases.  Some decorated papers were even used as wrappings for foodstuffs such as gingerbread and chocolate. What unites all the papers is the richness of their design. They were collected by Olga Hirsch (1889-1968), a trained bookbinder who left her collection of some 3,500 papers to the British Library, where they remain one of the largest and most diverse collections of decorated papers in the world.

These 3 notebooks feature several of the most exquisite examples. They will delight and inspire readers, writers, designers, and anyone with a love of pattern, decoration, note-taking and list-making.  Heavy stock art paper that can also be used for drawings.

Two notebooks 8” x 5.5”, one unlined and one lined; one notebook 5.5" x 4", unlined.

24 sheets (48 pages) each.

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