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1001 Things to Spot on Vacation

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This book is packed full of things to find and count within the many colorful vacation scenes from all around the world.   Spot sea stars on a coral reef, snowmen on a ski trip, cobs of corn at the beach party, and lion cubs on safari.  There are hours of fun to be had while children seek and find all the objects hidden in plain sight.  

Hardcover, 32 pages.

Ages 4–6

Editorial Review

Children's Literature - Allison Fetters

From coral reef diving to whale watching to safari and more, this book provides several vacation scenarios with related objects hidden for the reader to find. With the use of bright colors, cute characters, and specific, detailed objects, each page presents a new opportunity to locate the many objects interspersed throughout the scenes. The objects to be found are varied in size creating opportunities for all levels of challenge and subsequent success. Although most of the objects to be found are contained on the same page, there is an exercise at the end which provides a challenge of finding objects throughout the entire book. The book is nicely organized with a table of contents, a brief description of the design of the book, the exercises, and then an answer page at the end. All exercises provide an excellent opportunity to improve counting, memory, and visual association skills. This book exposes its readers to many scenes which will educate them on each vacation setting. Reviewer: Allison Fetters

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