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Alphabet Go Fish

Alphabet Go Fish

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Why should numbers always take center stage in Go Fish? Letters are now the stars of Alphabet Go Fish. Based on the classic game, this is a fun way for children to learn and practice the alphabet. The deck of 52 game cards is thoughtfully conceived and designed: parents appreciate that lower case letters are included (holding the interest of older beginning readers).  Because the illustration on each card begins with the card’s letter, little ones who are just learning the ABCs can play (“Do you have any Airplanes?” “Do you have any Socks?”) and progress from there through upper case and lower case letters.

Beyond the classic game, there are other ways to use these cards so the deck grows with a child’s skills: Memory Game, Word Scramble, Name Game, and Flash Cards.

The storage box and cards are sturdy, to withstand use through the years; we’ve used these cards from preschool through early lower school.  The cards are 3.25” x 4.33”—perfectly oversized for small hands.


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