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Romantic Poets Floral Tote Bags (Coleridge, Shelley)

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“The enamored rustic worships its fair hues.” —Samuel Coleridge

“Unfathomable deeps, blue as the overhanging heaven.” —Percy Shelley

The designers of these beautiful totes have paired lines from the Romantic poets with larger-than-life florals—a nod to the pastoral imagery and reverence for nature that inspired their work. At 13" x 15" (with 24") handles, these sturdy totes are roomy enough for all essentials and includes an interior pocket so you don't have dig for your cellphone and keys.

The designers’ partner in crime? A dog-eared Norton Anthology of British Literature. The Romantic poets championed imagination above reason and shared a youthful exuberance for nature. They believed nature had restorative powers, and used poetry to elevate the everyday to the extraordinary.

Made and printed by hand in Brooklyn, NY on premium, heavy 100% natural cotton canvas; cream interior; 2" gusset. 10" drop.

Choose Coleridge and/or Shelley.

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