221B Baker Street Mystery Game

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221B Baker Street is the London address of the world's most celebrated fictional detective, Sherlock Holmes, and his devoted companion, Dr. Watson. In this game you start at 221B and travel through the streets and alleys of Victorian London gathering clues while attempting to solve twenty original Sherlock Holmes adventures written especially for this game. 

Each player assumes the role of Holmes and matches wits with the other players to determine who possesses the most skillful powers of deduction. The winner is the first player to figure out the correct answers to a particular mystery or crime, return to 221B, and reveal the solution.

Each case is represented by a card that features a crime told in story form, a mention of various suspects, and a list of locations involved in the crime. Clues are hidden throughout London, one in each of fourteen locations (the dock, apothecary, carriage depot, pawnbroker, Boar’s Head Inn, pub, etc.).   Players read the details out loud so other players can take notes. Players then roll the die and move from location to location, collecting clues, and recording them as they attempt to answer the questions posed on the case card. Scotland Yard cards allow a player to block a location, unless a player uses the single key that he/she has been issued. A reviewer writes, “This creates a nifty bluffing mechanic. If a location gave you either no clue, or an obvious red herring, go ahead and block it. The rest of the players won't know it was a dead end, but may be convinced it's the one important clue they're missing.”

The game also can be played cooperatively with teams or all players forming the Baker Street Irregulars to help Holmes solve the case. When played this way, the group decides which of the locations to visit first, and the meaning of each clue is discussed by the group. The object then is to solve the Case with the fewest number of clues. (Depending on the number, rankings include—in descending order: Master Detective, Sleuth, Detective, Gumshoe, Scotland Yard Inspector, and, finally, Watson.)

The game includes: Game board, 20 Case Cards, a Solution Checklist, 6 playing pieces (a pipe, a pistol, a tankard, a violin, a signpost, and—of course—a deerstalker hat.), Instructions, Scotland Yard Cards, Skeleton Key Cards, and a die.

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