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Edward Gorey Decorating the Fireplace Holiday Cards

Edward Gorey Decorating the Fireplace Holiday Cards

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The caption on the front of this quintessentially Goreyesque card reads: "Suppiluliumas dozes while the family finishes decorating the fireplace.”  Could that be a young Edward Gorey at home with his parents? And could that napping cat be the reincarnation of the great warrior and statesman Suppiluliumas, king of the Hittites, who dominated the ancient middle east by successfully challenging the Egyptians for control of the lands between the Mediterranean and Euphrates? With Edward Gorey, anything is possible. 

Set of 12.   Cards measure 5" x 7", are blank on the inside and include envelopes.

Printed on recycled paper with soy-based inks. 

Edward St. John Gorey (American, 1925–2000) was an artist, writer, and book designer. His drawings and stories, set in a vaguely Edwardian time frame, exhibit a special genius for what is left unseen and unsaid. Crosshatched characters and quirky narratives keep Gorey devotees in gleeful anticipation of decorous mayhem.

The creator of more than one hundred works—from a wealth of darkly hilarious books to the animated opening sequence of the PBS television series Mystery!—Gorey was a master of the amusing, the strange, and the unexpected. His artworks are collected and treasured throughout the world.

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