ABC Flyer

ABC Flyer

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This set of twenty-eight alphabet blocks comes in a pull-toy wagon that also provides tidy storage. The blocks and wagon are made in the U.S.A. from sustainable basswood, are brightly colored with child-safe inks, handcrafted, and measure 1-3/4" (44mm)—a perfect size for small hands. This is a gift that will be used throughout babyhood, through toddlerhood, and through lower school and beyond.

There's a letter on four sides of each block, a number on one side, and a picture of an animal with its name on the sixth side.

The Michigan company that makes these blocks is run by the founder's son. Because the blocks often become family heirlooms, replacements are provided at a nominal charge. Blocks help children learn language, arithmetic, fine motor skills, and spatial relationships. 

The box has label that says "Not for Children Under Three Years" because the wooden ball tied to the end of the pull is a choking hazard.

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