Activity Backpack for Youngest Travelers (Ages 2–3)

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We spent weeks finding just the right components to fill our Activity Backpacks for Young Travelers—one for ages 2-3 and one for ages 4-6. Guaranteed to provide hours—yes, hours—of fun and to keep kids busy on a plane, car, or train; or any time when they’re bored, restless, or run out of things to do.  Best, of all, everything can be used long after vacation. Each backpack is filled with dozens of activities, yet isn’t too heavy for a kid to carry—and we’ve left just a little space for a child’s own cuddly.  Best of all, we (editors who often travel with young children) “road tested” each item on our own little ones.  Dozens of items didn’t make the cut; these are the proven winners. 

We’ve packed everything into a bright blue backpack (made with PVC-free cotton fabrics and toxic-free dyes) that itself is a multitasker: a drawstring closure under the flap (which is secured with an easy-for-little-fingers toggle), two exterior pockets, a D-ring (recycled plastic), and adjustable padded shoulder straps, 14” x 10” x 5”. 

The bright blue backpack for ages 2-3 includes:

  • There’s an Alphabet Go Fish card game that features upper and lower case letters, illustrations of objects beginning with those letters, and the noun itself. The game can be played alone as a concentration game, or with 2-6 by asking for the object (“Do you have any elephants?”) or the letter (“Do you have any Es?”). The 52 over-sized cards are packaged in a sturdy storage box.
  • Three sticker books with reusable stickers and wipe-clean pages will provide hours of entertainment. The ABC Alphabet Sticker Book provides plenty of familiar objects and illustrations for each letter, from apple to zebra, to make learning fun. The 1 2 3 Counting Sticker Book provides objects for each number (5 frogs to place on 5 lily pads; 10 owls to place in trees, etc.). The Busy Day Sticker Book has stickers that illustrate familiar first words: Breakfast, Playground, Snack Time. 
  • The Forest Friends Puzzle has 12 large pieces, easily grasped by small hands. It is packaged in a zippered storage pouch. Finished size: 11” x 14”. 
  • Your child will love reaching into the little On-the-Go Idea Box Jr. to find 20 chunky wood coins with engaging activity printed on each side: Eat a cheerio off your shoulder; Mirror/copy your partner’s movements; Fold paper in half, draw half a picture, then have another person draw the other half. These 40 simple yet inventive ideas are a surprise every time and can be done again and again. Made in America, by a mom. 
  • So much creativity packed into one little drawstring bag. The Color Your Own Cars pouch includes three handcrafted natural wooden cars that roll merrily along, and eight crayons that can be used to decorate the cars. Use the crayons long after the cars have been colored, and the cars can be played with throughout vacation and beyond.

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