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Beginner’s Chess

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Do you want your child to love chess as well as master it?  This set includes two books that take beginners through the fundamentals of chess play in an original and engaging way.  The author, Patzi Stewart, taught a generation of children in Berkeley, California to play chess.  Now she has put her tried-and-true methods into print.

The first instructional book begins with a whimsical introduction to all the chess pieces, the two chess kingdoms, and the board layout.  By the end of the book, a child will understand the basic moves for each piece.  Book Two develops a child's novice playing skills by exploring the strengths and weaknesses of each chess piece.

The set includes black and white playing pieces (the king is 3-1/2" tall), a sturdy black and white folding gameboard, and two instructional books.  The box has a magnetic closure.

Ages 8 and up.

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