Brut Rosé Ballpoint Pen

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The refined 849 Brut Rosé ballpoint pen, in a satin rose gold finish, sparkles with elegance and enhances the pleasure of writing. It’s packaged in an unusual slim and glamorous metal case that flatters the pen’s graceful silhouette. This is a  beautiful gift for a special occasion. The pen is comfortable when held in the hand—essential. It has a flexible clip and push button and is refillable. The included cartridge (medium blue ink) will fill 600 pages worth of writing.

The New York Times’s Wirecutter calls this “a special pen that you use for special things.” It was “love at first sight,” the reviewer commented, "The 849 is a classic ballpoint design from 1969, most notable for its hexagonal shape and smooth writing—it’s like butter skimming over a hot pan. But I was most taken by its sheer beauty: Not only does it have a rose-gold finish, but that finish is actually made from (1 to 2 microns of) real gold...I’m still on the original cartridge after half a year of regular use…"

This beautiful ballpoint is Swiss made by a firm, based in Geneva since 1915, committed to creating and developing writing instruments of the finest materials that incorporate the most advanced technology.

Made in Switzerland.  

5" pen length
7.75" case length
2.25" case width

Refills are available at Brut Rosé Pen Refills

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