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Edward Gorey Coloring Book

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Scores of creatures who make frequent appearances in Edward Gorey's artwork—bats, cats, unknown creatures, men and women in vaguely Edwardian settings, architectural oddities, and all manner of delightful and vaguely menacing Gorey-esque images —appear in this delightful coloring book of Gorey illustrations.

There are images from his own books, from books of others that he illustrated, and some from his renown opening sequence of PBS Mystery!  With his enigmatic and often darkly humorous tales full of eccentrics, Edward Gorey left his unique stamp on American art and culture. He produced more than one hundred illustrated works, created prize-winning set and costume designs for Broadway shows, published numerous illustrations for a variety of publications, and illustrated the works of Raymond Chandler, T. S. Eliot, Gilbert & Sullivan, Edward Lear, Bram Stoker, John Updike, and Virginia Woolf. The pages in the coloring book are blank on the back so they can be cut out and displayed.

56 pages with 25 images on high-quality paper

Size: 8½ x 11 in.

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