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Flowers Correspondence Set

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It’s as fun to send this correspondence as it is to receive it.  Decide which cards or writing paper, envelopes and stickers to use together to create an original combination—or mix and match with other plain stationery. The components offer endless combinations.

The set includes:

8 greeting cards (2 each of water lilies, roses, campanula and day lilies)

40 writing sheets (10 each of tulips, 2 different roses, lady slippers, on the verso of each sheet)

20 envelopes (10 each of hibiscuses and a floral print)

25 stickers (15 seals and 10 labels with assorted floral images)

The flower images in this set of writing paper, greeting cards, envelopes, and stickers were taken from historic horticultural albums.

Blank writing sheets 6”x 8-1/4”; Cards 4-1/4” x 6”

Designed and imported from the Netherlands; manufactured in Europe of FSC paper.

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