Literary Holiday Crackers

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Since the nineteenth century, holiday crackers have been a delightful tradition in Britain. Short cardboard tubes, festively wrapped and beribboned, are filled with goodies (traditionally, a small toy, a paper crown, and a joke) to enliven any occasion. We’ve given them a literary twist and an upgrade and filled them with items for booklovers: instead of jokes, we’ve included a literary trivia question and a “name that quotation”­—a fun way to involve the entire dinner table or party. For the adults, instead of an inexpensive charm, we’ve tucked in an elegant small pen (and refill) in a felt sleeve. And we’ve kept the paper crown. When the tabs at each end of the crackers are pulled, they snap; the gifts are then unwrapped and the fun begins.

For adults, we have created two different sets (Volumes A and B). They both include a pen and crown but the trivia questions and quotations are different. Volume A has gold ribbon; Volume B has silver.  Each set includes 6 crackers.

We’ve also made a set of 6 for children so that even the youngest readers can be included in the fun. The small gifts included are a Dr. Seuss book eraser, either a mini reader rubber duckie or a shuttle pen, and, of course, a paper crown. The literary trivia questions and “name that quotation” are appropriate for Ages 3 to 8.


Set of 6 Adult

Volume A Item $75.00

Volume B Item $75.00


Set of 6 Children’s $59.95

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