Rainbow Mechanical Colored Pencils

Rainbow Mechanical Colored Pencils

  • $14.50

An inspired collaboration: mechanical pencils x colored pencils. They aren't your typical mechanical pencils: they have thicker-than-usual 2mm leads, so lead breakage (often a problem with mechanical pencils) isn’t an issue. And since the leads are that sturdy, they can be sharpened for a finer point; a pencil sharpener is included in the set. Running out of colored lead? No problem; the pencils are refillable, and a set of refills is included… and you’ll need them: great for coloring, drawing, note taking and highlighting, Rainbow Mechanical Pencils have unlimited uses and will quickly become indispensable.

We use them for color coding (an old-school method, not an app, that’s a proven way to increase productivity). Colors help organize and prioritize a To Do list—one quick glance tells what task belongs to what category (work, family, appointments, exercise, travel plans, finance, home projects, etc.) and what needs to be done sooner rather than later.

But this set of 12 pencils isn’t only a tool for efficiency—using them is lots of fun. Journaling, writing thank you notes and gift cards—what can’t be improved by a rainbow assortment of pencils? The set includes one each of pink, red, orange, yellow, green, turquoise, royal blue, blue, violet, purple, brown, and gray.


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