Sand Construction Toys

  • $54.95

For the beach, the backyard, the garden, the sand table, or just pretend, these sturdy and functional toys go way beyond the basic shovel and bucket. We’ve assembled an unusual set of eight building tools for your busy construction worker or future architect that’s as fun for teens and adults as it is for toddlers. The easy-to-use driller turns, turns, turns to make holes and tunnels. The hand digger—part shovel, part scoop—is designed to get the job done. The squeeze-powered grabber picks up dino-sized handfuls of sand, dirt, and important stuff. Amazing castle and fortresses are built, one brick at a time, with the Master Bricklayer Set, a brick mold and two trowels. The two castle walls molds make strong and versatile building blocks. The entire family will have fun exploring the possibilities.

Ages 2 and up.

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