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This is my Bookstore: 100 Postcards

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Whether cozy and quirky holes-in-the-wall, or gorgeous historic literary landmarks, bookstores are as varied as the volumes on their shelves. Each of these 100 postcards features a photograph of a notable international bookstore. Together, they are a peek-in-the-door visual tour that will tantalize any bibliophile. There’s a New England bookshop in a barn; a hole-in-the-wall bookstore in an alleyway; an opulent bookstore in a former grand theatre in Buenos Aires.

On the verso of many of the postcards is an entertaining and enlightening caption:

* When Chop Suey Books in Richmond VA moved into a former restaurant space, it kept part of the name because “chop suey” means “a little of this, a little of that”;

* Amsterdam’s Oudemanhuispoort is a covered walkway that has sold used books since 1886 and was once frequented by Vincent van Gogh.

* “The westernmost bookstore in the United States” (Hanapepe, Hawaii)

Among the scores of dozens and dozens of delightful bookshops: an Irish bookstore with signposts in the children’s section pointing to Diagon Alley, Whoville, and Neverland; The American Book Center in Amsterdam (can you find the visual pun in the photo?); and a bookseller who terms itself “The Bookseller to the Great and Infamous “(Book Soup in Hollywood). 

On beyond four walls: There are entire neighborhoods and towns that are considered “a bookstore” (College Street in Kolkata, India is the largest second-hand book market in the world; the Jimbocho precinct in Tokyo boasts 170 bookshops; and the small; small market town Hay-on-Wye in Wales boasts more than 20 bookshops.)

Packaged in a flip-top storage box designed to look like a book, with an Ex Libris on the inside front cover and a grosgrain bookmark. ° 100 postcards, each a different bookshop photograph. 

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