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Typographic Wrapping Paper

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We’ll get to the literary part in a minute, but first: are we New Yorkers the only ones exasperated with partially used rolls of wrapping paper cluttering up our precious closet space? (And by the time we get around to needing it, the paper is torn and crumpled and unusable.)  Now consider this ingenious BOOK of gift wrap: ten different sheets are are folded in quarters to fit into the book, not only saving space but ensuring that the sheets stay crisp and pristine until you detach them via a perforation. Each sheet unfolds to be 27"  x 19". 

And now to the stylish papers themselves. You don’t have to be a type geek to appreciate the iconic fonts featured; any reader will recognize beloved fonts from the Victorian; Arts & Crafts/Art Nouveau; Black Letter; Modern; Eclectic; Post Modern, and other eras. 

Last, but not least: 12 gift tags are included. Whatever designer had this idea: thank you.

Bold, stylish, and rich with associations for any reader, this gift wrap will add a layer of distinction to any gift and make what should be a simple task—wrapping a present—actually simple.

Book size 13.5” x 10"

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