Wizard of Oz Coloring Cards

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A fun portable art-and-writing project for kids 3 to 103:  ten notecards to color, decorated with illustrations from the 1900 edition of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. Add a note to make a unique greeting card. The drawings are reproduced in black and white black and have been adapted from art by W. W. Denslow; six crayons are included. Everything is packaged in a decorative tin for fun on the go. Pictures of the  full-color vintage illustrations are included in the kit,  but we felt free to  follow our own artistic inclinations when coloring. On the back of each card is a place for the artist to “sign” the card: “Colored for you by ——————————.” Published in association with The Library of Congress. 

The kit contains two each of the following notecards: Dorothy encounters the Scarecrow along the yellow brick road; the four travelers meet the Cowardly Lion; the Lion eats some porridge after arriving in the Land of Oz; Dorothy discovers that the Wizard has no magical powers; In return for the Golden Cap, Glinda the Good Witch tells Dorothy how she can go home. 

Ten blank notecards (2 each of 5 designs) with ten envelopes;  5 x 7 inch; and six nontoxic colored crayons in a decorative tin.

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