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Animals of the World 100-Piece Puzzle

  • $23.95

From puffins to hummingbirds, lemurs to koala bears, the inhabitants of the natural world are beautifully illustrated on this puzzle and described in all their glory, continent by continent.

This detailed puzzle comes with a poster of the image to use as a guide while working the puzzle.  An educational booklet to use as a tool to learn about each animal is also included.

As the puzzle is built, the booklet can be used to look up information animal by animal, or the builder can wait until it is completed, then go through the booklet and “seek and find” each creature.

The 100-piece puzzle is appropriate for ages five and up and as it expands their knowledge of the natural world, helps children develop problem solving, observational and fine motor skills, analytical and logical thinking, and patience and concentration.

The puzzle is fully made from FSC-certified material that preserves biological diversity by sourcing only from sustainable, well-managed forests.

Puzzle size 61 x 15 inches; Ages 5+

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