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Decoder Jigsaw Puzzle with Eyeglasses Masks

Decoder Jigsaw Puzzle with Eyeglasses Masks

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This is a delightful puzzle that comes with a fun payoff: once it is completed, the puzzle worker dons the special animal masks to discover hidden objects printed on the puzzle that are invisible to the naked eye.

Working the puzzle with two 5-year-olds, it becomes clear what makes a skillfully designed puzzle—and this is one. There’s a border around the image so assembling the outline of the puzzle is a logical starting place. Each puzzle piece has one unique and easily identifiable detail (a polka dot apple, a striped bowl, a little blue bird) so that an observant child can search and turn up the exact piece that is needed. It’s a good puzzle for K+ kids to work, definitely challenging but not frustrating, though those on the younger side might not be able to complete it in one sitting.

The charming scene of animal readers and the colorful palette have an appeal all their own.  And the decoder masks are based on animals in the illustration; a sweet and fun detail.

Ages 4+. Printed using vegetable inks on FSC paper.

100 pieces; two decoder masks; finished size 18.5" W x 15" L x .1" H

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