County Library: We Want One Paperweight

  • $39.95

Photo: from the Montgomery County Fair in Rockville, Maryland

This handsome glass paperweight reproduces a photograph, now in the collection of the Library of Congress, taken at the Montgomery County Fair, Rockville, Maryland, 1928. The photo has a dual appeal: it captures the longing (and firm demand) of a rural community for a permanent library, and, more subtly, memorializes early traveling libraries and their mission to provide books to people in rural areas.

These paperweights are exclusive to The Reader’s Catalog. To have them made in the US, we’ve partnered with an American company that creates products for museum stores, colleges and universities, libraries, and more. 

This unique desk accessory has a felt bottom; 4.25" L x 2.75" W x .75" D. Weighs 8 oz. Each paperweight comes packaged in a white gift box. 

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