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Pure Cotton Note Card Presentation Box

Pure Cotton Note Card Presentation Box

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Pure Cotton stationery is made without any chemicals. This handsome presentation box is embellished with a rich, gold "Pure Cotton” label and stores fifty classic 4" x 6” flat cards and fifty matching envelopes lined with white tissue. Creamy white, with a soft wove finish, the cards are ideal for writing with a fountain pen, a rollerball, or a ballpoint. This is a wonderful set to have on hand or an elegant, thoughtful gift. 

The stationery is made in Belgium by a paper manufacturer that, since 1870, has replicated a line of cards, sheets, and lined envelopes originally commissioned by Belgian royalty. Each product is made with the same quality, elegance, and attention to detail that has made their stationery the staple of every fine social paper department in Europe.

A technical note: Most pure white paper is made using bleach and/or fluorescent whiteners to make the paper a certain desired color, yet the color of Pure Cotton remains consistent, without the use of chemicals, because the cotton used to make the paper comes from one source and is graded a specific shade as the cotton is harvested. 

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