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Woody Guthrie’s New Years Rulin’s Greeting Cards

Woody Guthrie’s New Years Rulin’s Greeting Cards

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Woody Guthrie wrote these heartfelt and playful resolutions on New Year’s Day, 1943. From December 29, 1942 until January 1, 1943, Woody filled a seventy-two-page composition book with a letter to his love, Marjorie. This little gem, in the middle of the book, provides insight into his daily concerns at the time—the large and the small—and reflects his hopes of being his best before the birth of their first child together, Cathy Ann Guthrie. Resolution #30 LOVE PETE refers to “Railroad Pete,” the playful nickname Woody and Marjorie gave their unborn child.

Instead of imprinting these cards with a Happy New Year’s greeting, we have purposely left the inside of these cards blank, to underscore our belief that the resolutions on these cards will delight and inspire in any season. 

Woody wrote The Rulin’s at 74 Charles Street, New York City, one of his many addresses in Greenwich Village. Today there is a plaque on the building commemorating his time there, during which he wrote “This Land is Your Land.” The plaque reads in part: 

“Woodrow Wilson ’Woody‘ Guthrie, composer of This Land Is Your Land, is considered a father of American folk music. Known as The Dust Bowl Balladeer, he was born in Okemah, Oklahoma, and spent years traveling throughout the U.S. before moving to New York City in 1940. Guthrie lived here, from December 1942 to May 1943, where he wrote patriotic, anti-Fascist songs supporting the US role in WWII, and played music with such friends as blues icon Lead Belly, Sonny Terry, and Brownie McGhee. Guthrie helped popularize a new approach to songwriting, telling stories of hardship and hopes; where topics including workers’ rights, social injustices, historic events, civil rights, and political issues became the foundation for his musical creativity and expression. He wrote more than 3,000 songs, and his influence has inspired generations of musicians in every genre of music.”

Set of eight cards and envelopes; 5" x 6.875", printed on white stock, blank inside.

With a historical note about The Rulin’s on the back of the cards, as well as a short bio of Woody Guthrie. 


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