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Quiet Corners of Rome

Quiet Corners of Rome

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This charming guidebook by David Downie, with photos by Alison Harris, celebrates over fifty of the most beautiful, tranquil, and often hidden places in the Eternal City. You'll find courtyards where mossy fountains splash; cool, quiet cloisters; exquisite gardens scented by boxwood and bay trees; pocket-sized piazzas filled with archaeological details dating to the days of Caesar. Some are secret enclaves that even the most sophisticated Romans haven't wandered into. The text may recall the history of a locale, a literary reference that brings the setting to life—and always the perfect time to visit each place to see it at its most atmospheric.

Even the most intrepid travelers who think of themselves as Rome "insiders" will be surprised when they follow the author and photographer through the Roman labyrinth. Historical anecdotes and quotations from antiquity to the present day are woven throughout the text, bringing Rome alive.

About the Author

For the last 25 years David Downie has been writing about European culture, food, wine and travel for publications worldwide. He is the author many books, including Food Wine Italian Riviera and Food Wine Rome, and Quiet Corners of Rome (all The Little Bookroom).

About the Photographer

Alison Harris has worked throughout the world shooting photos for travel books, cookbooks, advertising campaigns, book covers, and magazine articles, including The Pâtisseries of Paris; Chic Shopping Paris; Food Wine Rome, Food Wine The Italian Riviera and Genoa,and Quiet Corners of Rome (all The Little Bookroom).


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