Libraries Save Democracy Pin

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Show your support for public libraries and the essential role they play in a democracy by wearing this enamel pin on a collar, lapel, backpack, or tote. Buy one for yourself and consider buying another for a librarian at your local library or your child’s school.

"Carla Hayden, who was sworn in as the 14th librarian of Congress in 2016, calls the idea that anyone can tap into the knowledge contained in books a ‘great equalizer and unifier.’ But although libraries offer information, Hayden adds, they do not interpret it: There may be a book on a shelf arguing one thing, and a book with an opposing idea next to it. ‘The books battle it out,’ Hayden says, and readers form their own opinions. She calls the process ‘democracy in action.’”—The Pew Charitable Trust.

Red, white, and blue enamel with silver metal accents. With two metal points and rubber fasteners on the back for a sturdy hold. Packaged in a gift box. 

W: 1.5" x H 1" x .5" D

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