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Vintage Foraging Tea Towel

Vintage Foraging Tea Towel

  • $19.95

This charming cotton tea towel reproduces a vintage illustration from Foraging Plants and Mushrooms. The image depicts a Silver Birch, Nasturtium, Slippery Jack, Birch Bolete, Chanterelle, Yellow Wood-sorrel, Violet, Blueberry, Rustyback Fern, Chamomile, Strawberry, and other edible plants and fungi. Beautifully detailed and colored, the images have a classic and timeless appeal that have been faithfully reproduced on this soft, absorbent, and generously sized tea towel.

Packaged in a muslin drawstring bag, which is decorated with a vintage office label on one side and a reproduction of the tea towel image on the other, making the packaging as beguiling as the towel itself.

A perfect gift for the cook, the vegan, the naturalist, the lover of vintage, or anyone who appreciates a utilitarian object of great beauty.

19” x 34”. 100% Cotton. Made in India.

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