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Rhodia Treasure Box

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This sturdy flip-top box—cleverly designed to look like one of the famous orange Rhodia notepads so beloved by Europeans—is filled with essential stationery items: one 6" x 8-1/4" pad (graph paper, perfect for a desktop); one 3" x 8-1/4" pad (graph paper, the perfect size for shopping lists); two 3" x 4" pads (graph paper, perfect for pockets). Also included are two high-quality Rhodia pencils. A fun, practical gift for the list maker, the stationery lover, the neatnik.

Rhodia is a company founded in the 1880s. The history of the notepads is charming: The first Rhodia pad was made in 1934 in Lyon, France, on the  Rhône river. Natives of this region are called Rhodaniens, which gives the name to the company. The two trees in the logo represent the two brothers, descendants of the founding family.  A close look reveals that the trees are not identical, but they are linked by a line that symbolizes the brothers’ bond and close working relationship. The logo was designed by the wife of one of the brothers; the family story goes that she drew it sitting at the kitchen table.

Gift box with four pads and two pencils; 9" x 7" x 1.25"

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