Buttoning & Zipping and Locking & Unlocking Skill Boards

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These six wooden characters help little ones build life skills in an engaging way. Three of the animal characters are wearing coats that need to be buttoned, zipped, and snapped, and the other three characters are holding doors that need to be unlocked, unlatched, or unbolted.

Perfect for children of any age that need help developing the fine motor skills and finger strength needed to master childhood tasks—in particular the ability to hold and control pencils while learning to write. The boards range from six to nine inches tall, making them sized just right for little hands—and they’re easy to transport. We’ve used them to entertain kids while in restaurants, car seats, and waiting rooms.

Kids will love the challenge of mastering these early self-sufficiency skills as they play.

Made from the highest quality materials and is completely non-toxic with child safe paints, the boards meet and exceed all US and European safety standards.

Contents: 6 wooden animals with closing parts (metal and fabric); Ages 3+

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