Mythology Trivia

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Mythology Trivia is a compact and portable game for game nights, parties, book clubs, family gatherings, and more.

The dapper box is filled with 140 multiple-choice questions that cover myths and folklore—from gods and heroes to magical beasts and monsters—from cultures around the world, including Egyptian, Greek, Norse, Native American, Japanese, Senegalese, Chinese, Slavic, Haitian, and more. Even if players are unfamiliar with the myths of certain cultures, educated guesses demonstrate that the symbols and creatures have become familiar around the world.

The questions also dip into literature (citing works by Neil Gaiman, Lloyd Alexander, J. R. R. Tolkien, Margaret Atwood, and more) as well as pop culture (Moulin Rouge!, Marvel comics, The Mask, Moana, Ghostbusters, Led Zeppelin, and more). Questions referencing the animal kingdom, geography, the constellations and planets, foods, the seasons, and sports and games are a fun way to learn just how myths and folklore live on through the ages.

How to play:

The game can be played by two players or a group divided into two teams. Shuffle the deck and then take turns asking questions. The game may be played on three levels. The most difficult level, the question only is asked. At the medium level, the question is asked and four multiple-choice answers are offered. At the easiest level, the question is posed and two highlighted answers are offered. (Another way to play with children and teenagers might be to use only the cards dealing with cultures whose myths they have read or studied in school.)

Some of the questions:

In Norse mythology, what are Odin’s shield maidens, who carry dead warriors to Valhalla, called?

The nine Muses—angelic women who inspire mortals to excel in the arts and sciences—are from what mythological tradition?

Many Native American traditions share stories about a magical trickster character who is named after what North American animal?

What writer gave New York City the nickname of Gotham, after a fabled English village of fools?

Mythology Trivia is part of a series of elegantly designed games with engaging ideas for lively conversation, entertainment, and learning. They are packaged in small boxes made from responsibly managed and sourced materials.

140 cards; 5” x 3-5/8” x 2-1/8”.

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