Richard Scarry What Do People Do? Card Game

Richard Scarry What Do People Do? Card Game

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“Scarry’s illustrations are noted for being crammed with details that toddlers find enthralling.”—The New York Times

Construction workers, fire fighters, farmers, doctors, teachers, and more help Busytown run smoothly each and every day. The characters and art are from the wonderful world of Richard Scarry, the children's author and illustrator who published more than 300 books with total sales of over 100 million worldwide.

What Do People Do? is a more interesting version of a classic matching game, because instead of finding two identical cards, players match a Busytown worker with their place of work. Pair a postman with a post office, a construction worker with a building site, a librarian with the library, and so on. The game can be learned in less than five minutes.

The game helps expand young vocabularies beyond the basics (fireman, doctor) to professions children might not yet be familiar with (tailor, cobbler, janitor, etc.).

A feature we particularly value: The game provides lots of opportunities to talk with children about all the people in their town and appreciate the group effort needed to make a community work for everyone. It’s a simple card game with many benefits.

48 cards, instructions included; Ages 3+; for 2-6 players.

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