Scrabble™ Vintage Bookshelf Edition

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This luxurious bookshelf edition of Scrabble™ has been updated with stylish packaging: all the game components are stored in a fabric-bound “book” and slipcase. The design and typography are inspired by the vintage graphics of the original 1948 game. The book is bound in classic bookbinding fabric, the four wooden tile racks and 100 wooden letter tiles are beautifully crafted, and a drawstring pouch (for storing the tiles), a score pad, pencil, and instructions are also included. Elegant storage combined with premium game components create a classic to be enjoyed for generations to come.

In the 1930’s, during the Depression, an unemployed architect named Alfred M. Butts invented a board game using letter tiles and a scoring system. He first called it Lexico and then Criss Cross Words, but it remained relatively unknown until he teamed with entrepreneur James Brunot, who trademarked the name Scrabble™.  The newly named game first rolled off the production line in 1948 and has been wildly successful ever since.

For 2-4 players ages 8 and up. The book is 10.625" x 8.375" x 2.5”.

  • Game Board Measures 15.25 x 14 inches unfolded for gameplay, folds up for storage in the bookshelf case
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