100 First Words for Little New Yorkers

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New Yorkers have a vocabulary all their own: it’s not a pizza, it’s a pie. It’s not cream cheese, it’s a schmear. Things aren’t carried, they’re schlepped. This fun and inventive board book is a primer for little Gothamites who want to master all their hometown lingo and icons from the get-go, including quintessential New Yorkers (DeNiro, Spike, Ewing, Fran, and Jerry, among others); landmarks (the Stature of Liberty and the Empire State Building, sure…but also food carts, CBGB, and MSG); wildlife specific to the boroughs (bodega cats, pizza rats, pigeons). The witty content and illustrations will delight not only kids, but their adults.

100 First Words for Little New Yorkers is also a fun checklist for visitors to the Big Apple. How many of the 100 things can you spot? Pretzels and cabs—easy—but water towers, “We are happy to serve you” cups, and Gray’s Papaya might be a little more challenging.

A great gift, a great souvenir, a great coffee table book for all ages, and an essential addition to the library of anyone who is a New Yorker at heart. Put on your timbs and a fitted, and ga’head.

8" x 6"; 20 pages.


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