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Build-Your-Own Kaleidoscope

Build-Your-Own Kaleidoscope

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This STEM kit is an exciting two-part project for a young artist/scientist, ages seven and older.

Straightforward instructions show how to construct a working kaleidoscope, which is then used to create an impressive outer spacethemed light show.

First, following the detailed and easy-to-follow instructions in the illustrated booklet, the builder constructs the kaleidoscope, then uses a variety of space-themed accessories to create an exciting visual experience.

The kit includes everything needed: an illustrated booklet with step-by-step instructions, a sturdy cardboard kaleidoscope tube, eleven space-themed disks, three refractory mirrors, fifty trinkets that reflect light, a stand, and a storage box.

The project helps develop motor skills, promotes cognitive development, and exposes a child to basic physics.

The components are made from the highest quality materials, are completely non-toxic, and meet and exceed all U.S. and European safety standards. All the products made by this toy company, founded in France in 1954, are made with exacting and meticulous attention to detail, play value, and artistry.

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